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The Ocean Visions Launchpad supports selected innovators working on ocean-based carbon dioxide removal pathways, as well as those who are enabling or improving our understanding of these pathways. We work with teams to identify their specific needs and build customized expert advisory teams to provide ongoing advice and support.

Team: Subtidal

Subtidal is pioneering the first comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) solution for marine carbon dioxide removal (mCDR) projects to measure and validate their carbon dioxide drawdown.

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The Technology

With its Ocean Carbon Flux Grid, Subtidal aims to deliver continuous, autonomous, and accurate measurements of volumetric carbon flux (or “carbon drawdown”), furnishing mCDR innovators with real-time monitoring and verification of ocean carbon removals.



The Potential Advantages

This technology offers the first off-the-shelf solution for mCDR developers to monitor and validate their carbon removals accurately and in real-time. This is made possible via a combination of low-cost, high-frequency scientific grade sensor solution, a three-dimensional sensing grid installed around a project, and cloud-based carbon flux analytics frameworks.


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The Challenges

The main technical challenge faced is the scientific validation of Subtidal’s Ocean Carbon Flux Grid sensor platform and associated volumetric carbon flux analysis and measurement. This technology is an advancement beyond current gold standard measurement solutions, which poses a challenge for validation. Also needed is support related to mechanical engineering, sensor integration, and integration with mCDR modeling efforts.

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