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The Challenge

Our ocean is under threat from a host of pressures, including overfishing, plastic pollution, and dead zones. But no threats loom larger than those caused by the greenhouse gas pollution causing global climate change. Greenhouse gas pollution is particularly hard on the ocean, driving overheating and acidification. Ocean heating is in turn causing deoxygenation, sea level rise, and disruption of numerous critical marine ecosystem functions and services. At the same time, the ocean’s absorption of carbon dioxide is increasing its acidity. To address all of the enormous challenges facing the ocean, the world needs to generate and scale innovative approaches and solutions much more effectively and quickly. 

Why Ocean Visions

Ocean Visions connects oceanographic and academic research institutions, marine resource managers, conservation organizations, investors, entrepreneurs, and governments to collaborate on the development, testing, and deployment of scalable and equitable solutions in the ocean-climate nexus. 


News and Perspectives from Ocean Visions and Its Partners

The Ocean Visions Blog is a forum for discussion around innovative and durable solutions for the complex challenges facing our ocean.


Harnessing the Power of the Ocean to Restore the Climate

Our planet is being transformed by climate disruption, with some of the worst impacts occurring in the ocean. Currently, almost all of our efforts are focused on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. While those efforts remain vital, they’re no longer enough. We must also clean up the greenhouse gas pollution in our atmosphere. Ocean Visions believes that we may be able to harness the power of the ocean to restore the climate and the ocean itself.

Latest News

The Ocean Visions Research Consortium

Research Consortium: Leading ocean research and academic institutions that help identify, develop, evaluate, and test solutions to ocean challenges

The Ocean Visions Acceleration & Impact Partners

Acceleration and Impact Partners: Investors, philanthropists, NGOs, businesses, accelerators, and others that help move promising solutions into scalable real-world applications