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Our Work

Ocean Visions brings together leading oceanographic research and academic institutions with private sector and public-interest organizations to design and advance solutions to the growing crisis in our ocean and climate.

Our work is focused around 3 Grand Challenges:

Reversing the climate crisis in the Ocean (ocean-based solutions to thermal and chemical stress – e.g. ocean-based carbon dioxide removal)

Building resilience of coastal systems and communities to climate impacts (e.g. solutions for sea level rise, extreme events, and changing habitats)

Building a climate-resilient aquatic food system (e.g. aquaculture, including microalgae and macroalgae, ocean-based low carbon diets)

Project Spotlight

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ocean Visions has released five “living” road maps designed to coalesce effort and energy around the continued development of ocean-based approaches to draw down and safely store carbon dioxide – the greenhouse gas most responsible for two existential threats facing the ocean: ocean warming and ocean acidification. The road maps provide overviews of potential ocean-based carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies, critical obstacles they face, and first-order priorities to accelerate their development and field testing.


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Harnessing the Power of the Ocean to Restore the Climate

Our planet is being transformed by climate disruption, with some of the worst impacts occurring in the ocean. Currently, almost all of our efforts are focused on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. While those efforts remain vital, they’re no longer enough. We must also clean up the greenhouse gas pollution in our atmosphere. Ocean Visions believes that we may be able to harness the power of the ocean to restore the climate and the ocean itself.


The Ocean Visions Network is open to anyone at the institutional or individual level