Expanding the Global Dialogue

We’re igniting a broader community around a new ocean-climate agenda.

Ocean Visions was created to confront and solve big, complex threats to the ocean. We act as an innovator and catalyzer, identifying promising new strategies and mobilizing diverse disciplines and sectors to advance the bold new solutions we need in the face of accelerating climate disruption.

Our vision?  Reset our goal from 1.5-2°C of warming and being worse off than we are today, to a more inspiring target of restoring our climate and ocean.

On the World Stage

UN Ocean Conference_UNESCO

We strive to reach and influence a broader community of solvers at the ocean-climate nexus. Explore engagement highlights:

Ocean Visions Webinars

Our webinar series convenes and activates a multidisciplinary community and uplifts partner advancements and opportunities.

Ocean Visions Blog

Innovative work and perspectives from Ocean Visions staff and its partners are spotlighted in our blog to inform and activate.