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The Ocean Visions Launchpad supports selected innovators working on ocean-based carbon dioxide removal pathways, as well as those who are enabling or improving our understanding of these pathways. We work with teams to identify their specific needs and build customized expert advisory teams to provide ongoing advice and support.

Team: Phykos

Phykos is a startup developing a technology that can grow seaweed on mobile, autonomous platforms, to then be harvested and deposited in the ocean for sequestration purposes.

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The Technology

Phykos is developing mobile, solar-powered autonomous vessels on the open ocean designed to amplify seaweed’s natural carbon dioxide removal ability by giving it a greater surface area on which to grow. The seaweed biomass is periodically harvested and then deposited in the deep ocean, sequestering its embodied carbon.

The Potential Advantages

Phykos’ distributed, modular systems enable low-cost carbon removal that is measured directly and reported securely. Resulting carbon credits are sold to corporations and governments to meet their climate commitments.
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The Challenges

As Phykos moves from the design engineering phase into early manufacturing, challenges include an uncertain regulatory landscape and a need to better understand the potential impacts of the deployment at scale. Ocean Visions will assemble a team to address these challenges.

Advisory Board

Dave Bailey

Dave Bailey

Research Associate at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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Dave Bailey

David joins the team as a technical advisor. He has worked in sustainable aquaculture for the past 8 years, focusing on the best practices to expand the commercial aquaculture industry in socially and ecologically responsible ways.