Ocean Visions at COP28

Advancing Ocean-Climate Solutions at COP28

The 28th UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP28) is taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 30th November – 12th December, 2023. The conference is expected to host over 70,000 delegates, including heads of state and world leaders, to build consensus and facilitate progress on climate action to achieve the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement.

Ocean Visions will be at COP28 to help advance ocean-climate solutions. We’ll lead and participate in a number of events and meet with stakeholders to advance our “Reduce, Remove, and Repair” agenda, aimed at directly addressing the causes and impacts of climate disruption, to work towards ocean-climate restoration. Alongside many of our Network members, Ocean Visions is also proud to be a partner of the Ocean Pavilion at COP28 – a central point to place the oceans squarely into the climate action agenda and highlight the crucial importance of the ocean to the search for climate solutions.

We look forward to engaging with stakeholders and invite you to join us in person or online at the following events:


Ocean Climate Spotlight: An Ambitious Agenda for Ocean-Climate Restoration

Organizer: Ocean Decade + OceanX Pavilion

4th December 2023 | 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT+4)
Ocean Decade + OceanX Pavilion

In this 10-minute Spotlight talk hosted by the Ocean Visions – UN Decade Collaborative Center for Ocean-Climate Solutions, Ocean Visions CEO Brad Ack will share Ocean Visions’ four-part strategic agenda that focuses on building solutions to the causes and impacts of climate disruption.


Proving or Disproving Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal in the Next 5-7 Years: What Will It Take?

Organizer: Ocean Visions

5th December 2023 | 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT+4)
Ocean Pavilion

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is an essential part of the path to achieving a safe climate. Ocean-based pathways for CDR offer some significant potential advantages. This panel discussion will explore a high-level road map that lays out an integrated and comprehensive approach to answer the fundamental questions that remain about different marine CDR pathways over the next five to ten years.


Hope for the Cryosphere: Exploring Feasible Pathways to Protect Ice

Organizer: Ocean Visions

8th December 2023 | 16:00 – 17:00 (GMT+4)
Finland Pavilion

Rapid ice loss has triggered profound changes in the polar regions, affecting global ocean-climate stability and regulation. Unfortunately, scientific evidence shows the insufficiency of decarbonization and carbon removal to cool down the planet before reaching dangerous tipping points. This event explores several proposals to prevent or reverse the loss of cryosphere elements in time to prevent catastrophic scenarios. The speakers will discuss potential pathways, knowledge gaps, and governance concerns to address this urgent issue responsively and effectively.


Ocean-Climate Innovation in Kenya: Towards a Climate Positive Blue Economy Sector

Organizers: Kenya Ocean-Climate Innovation Hub & Ocean Visions

9th December 2023 | 8:00 – 9:30 (GMT+4)
Kenya Pavilion

The ocean is a source of livelihood for Kenyan coastal communities and a major economic driver for the Kenyan economy. However, climate change poses an unprecedented threat to ocean health and coastal communities’ wellbeing and resilience. Investing in ocean-climate innovation is crucial for solving these challenges by advancing social and technological pathways for decarbonization, carbon dioxide removal, and the repair of critical ecosystems to prevent tipping points and promote ocean resilience.

The Future of Blue Carbon in Climate Mitigation: Raising Awareness and Unlocking Potential

Organizers: Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Bedford Institute of Oceanography & Ocean Visions

9th December 2023 | 10:30 – 11:30 (GMT+4)
Canada Pavilion

Living blue carbon ecosystems, including mangroves, seagrasses, salt marshes, kelp forests and marine animals, have emerged as a critical climate mitigation tool. However, there are still important gaps in the understanding of the potential and limitations of blue carbon as a climate mitigation tool. This side event brings together leading oceanographic institutions and national government leaders to explore and discuss these aspects in-depth.


Advancing Ocean-Climate Innovation in Tanzania for a Sustainable Blue Economy

Organizer: Ocean Visions

9th December 2023 | 15:00 – 16:00 (GMT+4)
Tanzania Pavilion

Tanzania’s extensive coastline along the Indian Ocean is a vital economic and ecological asset, providing livelihoods and contributing significantly to the national economy through fisheries and tourism. However, climate change poses a substantial threat, bringing challenges like ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, and rising sea levels, which adversely affect marine ecosystems and coastal communities. In alignment with the innovation theme of COP28 and in collaboration with the UN Ocean Decade Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions (GEOS) program, the establishment of a Tanzanian Ocean-Climate Innovation Hub is a pioneer action to enhance the role of Tanzania in the development of effective climate mitigation strategies and tools. 

Scaling Up Ambition on Ocean-Climate Solutions: Blue Carbon and Beyond

Organizers: IPBC (International Partnership on Blue Carbon) & Ocean Visions

9th December 2023 | 16:30 – 18:00 (GMT+4)
France Pavilion

Advancing ocean-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change while addressing the triple planetary crisis requires attention to synergies between science, finance, and policies. The IPBC, thanks to its broad range of partners, allows a dialogue between these different levels to accelerate pathways such as the restoration of blue carbon ecosystems, the removal of carbon dioxide, and other ocean-climate solutions by sharing best practices. Building on this, panelists will tackle critical questions regarding the viability and effectiveness of various ocean solutions, discuss what countries do, and share examples of their ambition on blue carbon and beyond. 


It is Time to Consider Climate Repair: Can Science and Technology Help to Prevent Dangerous Tipping Points?

Organizer: Ocean Visions

11th December 2023 | 11:15 – 13:00 (GMT+4)
Science for Climate Action Pavilion 

Given the enormity of the risk, it is prudent to investigate all possible actions that may be able to forestall the passing of dangerous climate tipping points and further destabilization of the ocean and earth systems. This new field of exploration requires the involvement of many disciplines, sectors, and perspectives, as well as focused attention to paramount matters of safety and governance. This event will explore critical questions about research on various approaches that may be able to prevent catastrophic scenarios.


Rising Seas: Coastal Strategies and Solutions

5th December 2023 | 9:30 – 10:30 (GMT+4)
Ocean Pavilion
Organizer: National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries

This session provides an opportunity to discuss the impacts of sea-level-related hazards and challenges, as well as the possibilities of resilient strategies and solutions.

Ocean Visions Speaker: Brad Ack, CEO


A High-Level "Road Map" to Determine Efficacy of Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies

6th December 2023 | 8:30 – 12:00 (GMT+4)
Future Mobility Hub
Organizer: Foreign Policy

This Foreign Policy Forum will shine a spotlight on innovating and scaling science-based, responsible carbon dioxide removal as the critical third pillar of transformative climate action alongside emissions reductions and climate adaptation.

Ocean Visions Speaker: Brad Ack, CEO


Advancing the Policy Landscape for Responsible Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal

10th December 2023 | 14:00 – 15:00 (GMT+4)
Ocean Pavilion
Organizer: Running Tide

This session provides an opportunity to discuss the impacts of sea-level-related hazards and challenges, as well as the possibilities of resilient strategies and solutions.

Ocean Visions Speaker: Leonardo Valenzuela Pérez, Director of International Partnerships


Ocean Climate Intervention Strategies

10th December 2023 | 17:00 – 18:00 (GMT+4)
Ocean Pavilion
Organizer: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

This session will examine the pros, cons, and feasibility of various marine carbon dioxide removal approaches, and discuss the critical importance of the ocean in getting to net zero.

Ocean Visions Speaker: Kerry Nickols, Senior Program Officer


Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal (mCDR): An Ocean of Climate Solutions

11th December 2023 | 8:00 – 9:00 (GMT+4)
Ocean Pavilion
Organizer: Centre for Climate Repair

This expert panel will explore the challenges and opportunities for mCDR as well as initiate a discussion on potential roadmaps for its development, and draw questions from the audience.

Ocean Visions Speaker: Leonardo Valenzuela Pérez, Director of International Partnerships