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Advancing solutions for ocean-climate restoration

The Challenge

Our ocean is under threat from many pressures, but none loom larger than the greenhouse gas pollution causing climate disruption. The effects of greenhouse gas pollution are particularly dangerous to the ocean, driving steady heating and acidification. Ocean heating means less oxygen for marine life, sea level rise, and disruption of critical ecosystem functions and services, upon which  nature and humanity rely. Simultaneously, the ocean’s absorption of massive quantities of carbon dioxide pollution is increasing its acidity, threatening the viability of many species. The only way to solve these problems is to dial back carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. This means reducing emissions and cleaning up legacy pollution. To do this at the scale and speed necessary requires the power of the ocean, and the proliferation of innovative new technologies and solutions.

Why Ocean Visions

Ocean Visions is a non-profit organization that catalyzes innovation at the intersection of the ocean and climate crises. We facilitate multisector collaborations from within our Network and beyond, working with leading research institutions, the private sector, and public-interest organizations to fully explore and advance responsible and effective ocean-based climate solutions. In short, we work to stabilize the climate and restore ocean health.

Ocean Visions Biennial Summit 2023

Registration now open! The next Ocean Visions Summit will be held April 4-6, 2023, at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, and will include virtual attendance options. 

Microalgae Road Map

Marine microalgae may have an important role to play in cleaning up the carbon dioxide pollution that is disrupting our climate and devastating our ocean’s ecosystems. However, additional testing is needed to better understand potential and risks. Our new digital road map offers a focused agenda to advance the responsible research and development we need to determine which microalgae cultivation pathways might represent a safe and viable solution to the climate crisis.

2022 Annual report

With gratitude for our incredible partners, funders, and supporters, we’re pleased to share highlights from 2022 in this annual report. We look forward to continuing to accelerate our ambitious ocean-climate action agenda in 2023!

Restoring the climate and healing the ocean in 2023

I’m optimistic that 2023 will be a big year to advance an agenda to restore the climate and heal the ocean, thanks to the increasing momentum I see globally to employ new tools to address the planet’s complex challenges. – Ocean Visions Chief Executive Officer Brad Ack

Latest News

Ocean Visions Biennial Summit 2023 Will Advance Ocean-Climate Solutions

The Ocean Visions Biennial Summit 2023 will be held from April 4-6, 2023, at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, and with online attendance options. Ocean Visions welcomes a diverse community of participants—including scientists, academics, policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and funders—to discuss the sharing of knowledge and solutions to critical challenges at the ocean-climate nexus.

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The Ocean Visions Network

Ocean Visions is a nonprofit organization at the center of a robust network of organizations comprised of leading universities and oceanographic institutions, and a diverse set of practitioner partners. Ocean Visions works to engage and focus resources from across this network for concerted action, catalyzing collaboration for the co-design, development, testing, and evaluation of solutions to the interlocking ocean-climate crisis.