Strategic Initiatives

The Ocean Visions – UN Decade Collaborative Center for Ocean-Climate Solutions (OV-UN DCC) engages with an international set of stakeholders and institutions to further build international understanding and agreement around the suite of new solutions that need to be developed, tested and ultimately deployed widely to arrest and reverse the ocean-climate crisis. The Center functions as a global think tank and policy center, convening and supporting key experts, sectors and interests to better design and advance ocean-climate innovation agendas globally. The Center’s strategic initiatives will include increasing international visibility of emerging ocean-climate solutions, building a diverse community of ocean-climate solutionists and catalyzing ocean-climate solutions within the UN Ocean Decade and beyond. Download the strategic plan.

Strategic Initiatives

Ocean-Climate Solutions Innovation Exchange

The Ocean Visions – UN Decade Innovation Exchange is designed to raise awareness and increase international visibility of emerging ocean-climate solutions and innovations. The Innovation Exchange explores synergies, overlaps, gaps, and opportunities to advance the development of ocean-climate solutions and actions. Launched in July 2023, the Innovation Exchange’s webinar series hosts multi-sector speakers to advance these goals.

Ocean-Climate Solutions Community

The Ocean-Climate Solutions Community identifies and supports a new generation of ocean-climate solutionists and innovators. The community supports continuing education opportunities via internships and fellowships, as well as workforce development opportunities via supporting the US ECOP node. The community also explores targeted ocean-climate literacy opportunities. 

UN Ocean Decade Support

The Ocean Visions – UN Decade Collaborative Center provides support to the Decade Coordination Unit (DCU) within the IOC-UNESCO Secretariat by catalyzing and coordinating Decade Actions related to Climate (Decade Challenge 5). At the thematic level, the OV-UN DCC provides technical, logistical, and financial support for: (i) stakeholder engagement; (ii) catalyzing new Decade Actions; (iii) communications, awareness-raising and outreach; (iv) resource mobilization, and (v) monitoring and reporting for aligned Decade Actions.

Primary Aligned Decade Actions

In partnership with the Decade Coordinating Unit (DCU), the OV-UN DCC has identified an initial set of primary aligned Decade Actions. Primary aligned Decade Actions will contribute to the OV-UN DCC’s work by implementing key functions and initiatives at the program and project level. Leveraging the networks generated by aligned Decade Actions is vital to the success of the OV-UN DCC’s goals and objectives. 

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