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Turner, Thomas  

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Bio: Current projects are focused on marine sponges. We aim to improve our understanding of the diversity, evolutionary history, and ecological services of sponges in rocky reef habitats in California. These kelp forest habitats contain an astonishing diversity of suspension-feeding marine invertebrates. Together with other colonial filter feeders like tunicates, anthozoans, and bryozoans, sponges occupy a considerable portion of the hard-bottom substrate in shallow waters. Despite the important ecological roles and services of these taxa, we know little about the ecology or evolution of most species in this benthic community. This is especially true for sponges, where we lack basic information like which species are present.

Areas of Expertise

Marine and Earth Science:
Marine Biology
Marine Ecology
Mentoring and Early Career Development:
Master’s students
Ph.D. students

Resources & Facilities

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Analytical equipment
Analytical equipment: Microscopes
Seawater delivery systems
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