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Tigchelaar, Michelle  

Bio: Dr. Michelle Tigchelaar is an interdisciplinary scientist whose work focuses on the impacts of climate change on food systems, spanning the aquatic and terrestrial and the ecological and human. She is currently a Research Scientist with the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions where she coordinates the Blue Food Assessment, a coalition of international researchers working to produce an integrative assessment of the role of aquatic foods (food from marine and freshwater systems) in transformations towards healthy, sustainable and just food systems.

Areas of Expertise

Marine and Earth Science:
Physical Oceanography
Climate Science
Environmental Science
and Energy Policy
Policy Briefs
Community Engagement
Not applicable
Mentoring and Early Career Development:
REU program
Master’s students
Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:
Active participation in institutional JEDI programming
Leadership role in JEDI programming

Resources & Facilities

Laboratory Facilities:
Not Applicable
Computational Facilities:
Computational modeling
Field-Going Resources:
Not Applicable