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Bebieva, Yana  

(203) 909-5784
Bio: I am a polar physical oceanographer, working on mixing processes (glacial melt spread, water mass transformation processes, AMOC dynamics) in the subpolar North Atlantic. My past experience includes extensive observational/data analysis of ocean in-situ and satellite observations in the Arctic and the Southern Oceans. Over the last 2 years, I also worked on wildfire spread questions.

Laboratory facilities: Have established connections to the extensive lab facility at Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute, Florida State University

Areas of Expertise

Marine and Earth Science:
Physical Oceanography
Climate Science
Digital Communication
Community Engagement
Academic entrepreneurship
just got involved into a start-up: developing computer program product for assessing and predicting small-scale atmospheric phenomena for general aviation pilots and UAS operators use.
Mentoring and Early Career Development:
High school interns
Master’s students
Ph.D. students

Resources & Facilities

Laboratory Facilities:
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (fumes
rotating tanks
wind tunnels)
Computational Facilities:
Not Applicable
Field-Going Resources:
Autonomously operated vehicles and/or remotely operated vehicles
Ocean floats